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Growing in Africa

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Agris is a diversified agricultural investment company and subsidiary of Maris Ltd. Agriculture, Food & Forestry is a mainstay of all the economies we operate in, with the power to generate strong returns, create better quality employment and help alleviate poverty. At Agris we have more than 1,500 direct employees and we support 14,000 smallholder farmers through out-grower schemes.

60% of the world's unutilised crop land is in Africa. Highly favorable growing conditions, unique market windows for export, and growing global demand for food and sustainable timber compound the region's strategic advantage. At present, however, productivity is low and operations remain highly inefficient.

This presents Agris with compelling opportunities to develop large-scale, vertically integrated agri-businesses. We focus on reviving distressed commercial plantations and providing expansion capital to well-run horticulture operations.

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Office FF01,

Endemika Business Park,

Petit Raffray, 30715

Republic of Mauritius

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